Happy people know
when you'll arrive

EndUp is an easy and free way to share your real-time location with anyone, giving them the peace of mind to know you're on your way and when you'll arrive.

With one tap create a single-use map that shows your location for one hour, and works on every device and platform, no download necessary.

Great Customer Service Starts Before You Get There

Make it easy for them when you meet. With one tap generate a single-use map that follows your location for an hour (or less, you can cancel tracking at any time), so they can easily find you or know when you'll arrive.

Works Everywhere and for Everyone

There's no software to download for your recipients and your location maps work on all major mobile and desktop platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, and PC.

Your recipients can also add themselves to the map, right from their device to see their location relative to yours.


We use the low power, motion sensing hardware on your device to intelligently toggle high-power location updates.

This means EndUp uses a minimal amount of power, and only when you're moving and have a live follow link.

Safe & Secure

EndUp only records your location while you have a live tracking session, and all communication is TLS/SSL encrypted. Tracking stops automatically when your timer expires so you don't have to remember to shut it off.

Additionally, we do not store your location data long term or make it available to any third party.


Included Features
  • Generate unlimited maps and share them with anybody on any device.
  • Multiple expiration options: 1, 4, 12, and 24 hour timers.
  • End-to-end encryption

Start your next meeting off on the right foot